energy karezza Fascinating and powerful sex for marital fidelity and bliss

"We are living in an age of electronic geniuses; but the average person you talk to is so retarded when it comes to relationships."


I hardly ever met a man in my life who really could make women happy in bed; a man that really understood sex. Even doctors don't know anything of real value.

The average man doesn't know that food has anything to do with sex.

The basics of Karezza is that the man withholds his ejaculations, until the woman has had one or several orgasms and is satisfied. After that, he can have his orgasm. ... The result of Karezza is that the man will discover a way to create stronger and stronger orgasms for both the woman and himself.

Energy-Karezza is energy-enhanced Karezza, and here the sky is the limit. Energy-Karezza and Energy-Tantra give you the tools to increase and prolong your sexual pleasure and spiritual ecstasy, that Karezza and Tantra are missing.

When a man and a woman get into Karezza, they open up. Their whole subconscious opens up, and their potential starts to explode.

There is no longer any need for affairs. Instead the love between husband and wife only gets stronger with time, and the sex gets better and better.

Standard sex is so screwed up. A lot of American men, perhaps all men, have trouble with women. The thing is, men don't have the confidence, because they don't get good reports, or positive feedback from the women. Men wonder what is wrong, and they may get a fear complex that they conceal.

A lot of men are not good lovers, so the women get tired of them. The average sex-life becomes stressful.

A lot of women are binge eating because they are frustrated in sex. The satisfaction they get from food is so close to sex, that they overeat. Soon they get fat, and when they are fat they don't have to look for men. ... These women are very disappointed, in themselves and in the world.

Give up 3 seconds, and you could have all the sex you wanted, any time, all day long. Never get tired of it, and never get tired of the woman involved. Plus, your woman would want this kind of sex, and could never get enough of it.

The 3 stages of sex: standard sex, karezza, tantra The 3 stages of energy-enhanced sex: standard sex, energy-karezza, energy-tantra

So it is the highest form of exercise. In other words, people only have to practice Karezza, and they can be beautiful. All the women I went out with had beautiful figures because of the Karezza. At first they might have been a little flabby, but then they developed their muscles. They lost weight of course, because if I had sex for 4 hours, so did they.

Men are at a loss. They are also frustrated and disappointed. Why aren't women happy? Why aren't women interested in sex? All these books are coming out, talking about foreplay, but how can men do foreplay, when they cannot even control themselves?

You can have sex with a woman for less than 50 minutes, but what does it mean? It's like changing a suit, like a formality. But if you are into Karezza and yoga, and you have a relationship, that goes very deep. Not only do you have several hours of intense bliss, but the effect goes all the way into the subconscious.

This new system was better than celibacy. With Karezza I could have sex and enjoy it, and still pursue a spiritual life. I could have relationships with women, and friendships. With Brahmacharya I had to run away from women, because I had to avoid sex.

Karezza's main purpose today is instead to drive sexual pleasure to new heights, thanks to the self-discipline, combined with allowing limited peak orgasms, at least in the beginning. In Energy-Karezza the sexual pleasure moves in cycles, from wild and exciting, to calm and peaceful.

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"Energy-Karezza and Energy-Tantra give you the tools to increase and prolong your sexual pleasure and spiritual ecstasy, that Karezza and Tantra are missing."